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Research Skills (RCSE)

Course offered by the Systems and Software Engineering group, Winter semester 2019/20


  • Master "Research in Computer & Systems Engineering": mandatory course for the first semester (Module "Soft Skills")
  • 6 LP (credit points)

All course-related information for participants is available in the moodle of the class.


The life and work of a researcher has several characteristic workload patterns. Apart from hunting insights, researchers frequently have to give and listen to talks, read, write and review papers, launch research proposals, or organize workshops and conferences.

Successful research also requires many personal qualifications and skills such as analytical quality, ability to learn, to conceptualize, to communicate, to integrate knowledge, scientific discipline, curiosity, initiative, motivation, and, last but not least, quite a bit of masochism (for details see Similar abilities are required for research-oriented engineering jobs in industry and when writing your Masters thesis.

This seminar trains skills that help to do efficient scientific work. Course topics include

  • reading and writing papers
  • presenting your scientific work
  • listening to your colleagues' presentations
  • designing conference posters
  • writing research proposals
  • reviewing papers
  • organizing workshops and conferences

This course on research skills is organized in two parts: a lecture part where the participants learn how to do research, read, write and review research papers, design conference posters, write research proposals, and organize workshops. The second part is practical training, where the participants will apply the new knowledge and write and review papers, design conference posters, and take an active part in organizing a conference.

The concluding event will be a workshop event that will be fully organized by the course participants.