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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Günter Schäfer

Phone +49 3677 69 4546

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M. Sc. David Schatz


Room:Zusebau 3077
Phone:+49 3677 69-4546

GPG-Key (Fingerprint):

57E6 DE4C F818 A68D C058 791F 3EED 0C65 E3BC 0932

Research Interests

Network security with focus on anonymous interactive real-time communications


[SRS21]Schatz, David; Rossberg, Michael; Schaefer, Guenter. Hydra: Practical Metadata Security for Contact Discovery, Messaging, and Dialing. ICISSP, 2021. Accepted and in press.
[KASS18]Kabirov, Airat D.; Anikin, Igor V.; Schatz, David; Schaefer Guenter. Scalable and Anonymity Preserving Overlays for Voice over IP Communications. IEEE Dynamics, 2018.
[SRS17]Schatz, David; Rossberg, Michael; Schaefer, Guenter. Reducing Call Blocking Rates For Anonymous Voice Over IP Communications. IEEE ICUMT, 2017.


Grey, Michael; Schatz, David; Rossberg, Michael; Schaefer, Guenter. Towards Distributed Geolocation by Employing a Delay-Based Optimization Scheme. IEEE ISCC, 2014.


Tutor for "Algorithmen und Programmierung für (Ingenieur-)Informatiker"Winter term 2011, 2015 - 2020
Tutor for Projektseminar "Simulation von Internet-Protokollfunktionen"Summer term 2016 - 2020