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Dr.-Ing. Michael Roßberg


Raum: Zusebau 3047
Telefon: +49 3677 69-4553
E-Mail: michael[dot]rossberg[at]tu-ilmenau[dot]de
Jabber: mick[at]eris[dot]prakinf[dot]tu-ilmenau[dot]de




[ScRo14]Schaefer, Guenter; Rossberg, Michael: Netzsicherheit, dpunkt.verlag, Juli 2014. [more information]


[GRS15]Girlich, Franz; Rossberg, Michael; Schaefer, Guenter: On the resistance of overlay networks against bandwidth exhaustion attacks, Springer Telecommunication Systems Journal, March 2015 [Paper (pdf, 1.9Mb)]
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[HRS08]Henseler, Marcel; Rossberg, Michael; Schaefer, Guenter: Credential Management for Automatic Identification Solutions in Supply Chain Management. In: Transactions on Industrial Informatics (4), pp.303-314, December 2008 [Paper (pdf, 3.2M)] 


[BTRS19]Backhaus, Martin; Theil, Markus; Rossberg, Michael; Schaefer, Guenter: Robust and Scalable Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks Using Interference-Disjoint Backup Paths, IFIP WMNC, 2019. Accepted and in press.
[PRBS19]Pfeiffer, Michael; Rossberg, Michael; Buttgereit, Simon; Schaefer, Guenter: Strong Tenant Separation in Cloud Computing Platforms, ARES 2019. [Paper (pdf, 1.9Mb)]
[TBRS19]Theil, Markus; Backhaus, Martin; Rossberg, Michael; Schaefer, Guenter: Towards a Security Architecture for Hybrid WMNs, ARES 2019.
[GTRS18]Grey, Michael; Theil, Markus, Rossberg, Michael; Schaefer, Guenter: Towards Voronoi-Based Backup Routing for Large-Scale Distributed Applications. 2018 IEEE Global Information Infrastructure and Networking Symposium (GIIS 2018). Thessaloniki, Greece, October 2018. [Paper (pdf, 1.9Mb)]
[BTRSS18]Backhaus, Martin; Theil, Markus; Rossberg Michael; Schaefer, Guenter; Sukiennik, David:  A Comprehensive Framework to Evaluate Wireless Networks in Simulation and Real Systems. 2018 IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Distributed Simulation and Real Time Applications (DS-RT). Madrid, Spain. October 2018. [Paper (pdf, 1.9Mb)]
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[SRS17]Schatz, David; Rossberg, Michael; Schaefer, Guenter: Reducing Call Blocking Rates For Anonymous Voice Over IP Communications, IEEE ICUMT, 2017.
[RT17]Michael Rossberg, Markus Theil: Secure Enrollment of Certificates Using Short PINs, Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security, September 2017.
[RGS17]Michael Rossberg, Franz Girlich, Guenter Schaefer, David Ristow: Effiziente Überwachung komplexer mehrschichtiger Netzinfrastrukturen, 15. Deutscher IT-Sicherheitskongress, May 2017.
[BRS17]Martin Byrenheid, Michael Rossberg, Guenter Schaefer, Robert Dorn: Covert-channel-resistant congestion control for traffic normalization in uncontrolled networks, IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), May 2017.
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[GTRS15]Grey, Michael; Theil, Markus; Rossberg, Michael; Schaefer, Guenter: Towards a Model for Global-Scale Backbone Networks, IEEE ICC, 2015. [Paper (pdf, 2.3Mb)]
[RSR15]Rothenberger, Ralf; Grau, Sascha; Rossberg, Michael: Dominating an s-t-Cut in a Network, SOFSEM 2015, pp. 401-411, 2015. [Paper (pdf, 431Kb)]
[GSRS14]Grey, Michael; Schatz, David; Rossberg, Michael; Schaefer, Guenter: Towards Distributed Geolocation by Employing a Delay-Based Optimization Scheme, IEEE ISCC, 2014. [Paper (pdf, 1.3Mb)]
[GRBS13]Grey, Michael; Rossberg, Michael; Backhaus, Martin; Schaefer, Guenter: On Distributed Geolocation by Employing Spring-Mass Systems. IEEE GIIS, 2013. [Paper (pdf, 1.1Mb)]
[WRGAS13]Wozniak, Sander; Rossberg, Michael; Grau, Sascha; Alshawish, Ali; Schaefer, Guenter: Beyond the Ideal Object: Towards Disclosure-Resilient Order-Preserving Encryption Schemes, ACM CCSW, 2013. [Paper (pdf, 9.2Mb)]
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[WRS13]Wozniak, Sander; Rossberg, Michael; Schaefer, Guenter: Towards Trustworthy Mobile Social Networking Services for Disaster Response, PerNEM, 2013.
[RGTGS13]Rossberg, Michael; Grey, Michael; Trapp, Markus; Girlich, Franz; Schaefer, Guenter: Distributed Monitoring of Self-Configuring Virtual Private Networks, IEEE IM Demo Track, 2013.
[GRSBS13]Girlich, Franz; Rossberg, Michael; Schaefer, Guenter; Boehme, Thomas; Schreyer, Jens: Bounds for the Security of the Vivaldi Network Coordinate System, Netsys, 2013.
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[RGTGS13]Rossberg, Michael; Grey, Michael; Trapp, Markus; Girlich, Franz; Schaefer, Guenter: Automatic VPN-Configuration with Secure OverLay for IPsec Discovery, Netsys Demo Track, 2013. KuVS Communication Software Award
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[RGS12b]Rossberg, Michael; Girlich, Franz; Schaefer, Guenter: Analyzing and Improving the Resistance of Overlay-Networks against Bandwidth Exhaustion Attacks, RNDM 2012.
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[GRS12a]Grey, Michael; Rossberg, Michael; Schaefer, Guenter: Automatic Creation of VPN Backup Paths for Improved Resilience against BGP-Attackers, ACM SAC, March 2012. [Paper (pdf, 495Kb)]
[KRS11]Koellmer, Thomas; Rossberg, Michael; Schaefer, Guenter: Attributbasierter Schlüsselaustausch in virtuellen privaten Netzen, DACH security, pp. 522-533, September 2011 [Paper (pdf, 166Kb)]
[GRS11]Golembewski, René; Rossberg, Michael; Schaefer, Guenter: Towards Smart Infrastructures for Modern Surveillance Networks, Future Security, August 2011 [Paper (pdf, 1.1Mb)]
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[BRS09]Brinkmeier, Michael; Rossberg, Michael; Schaefer, Guenter: Towards a Denial-of-Service Resilient Design of Complex IPsec Overlays, International Conference on Communications (ICC), June 2009 [Paper (pdf, 499KB)]
[RoSc09]Rossberg, Michael; Schaefer, Guenter: Ciscos Group Encrypted Transport VPN – Eine kritische Analyse, D-A-CH security, pp. 351-360, May 2009 [Paper (pdf, 182KB)]
[RSSM09]Rossberg, Michael; Steudel, Wolfgang; Schaefer, Guenter; Martius, Kai: Eine Software-Architektur zur Konstruktion flexibler IPsec-Infrastrukturen. 11. Deutscher IT-Sicherheitskongress, pp. 297-308, May 2009 [Paper (pdf, 397KB)]
Rossberg, Michael ; Schaefer, Guenter ; Strufe, Thorsten: Using Recurring Costs for Reputation Management in Peer-to-Peer Streaming Systems. In: Proceedings of SecureComm 2007, 17. - 21. September 2007, Nice, France [Paper (pdf, 601KB)]


Invited Talks

[Ros14]Rossberg, Michael: Quo Vadis, Virtual Private Network), Technische Universität Darmstadt, 2014 [Slides (pdf, 2.0MB)]
[RSS13]Rossberg, Michael: Cisco‘s Group Encrypted VPN – Praktische Untersuchungen zur Sicherheit, 2013
[RS13]Rossberg, Michael; Schäfer, Günter: Scalable Auto Configuration of Sabotage-Resistant VPN acc. to the Principle "Secure Overlay for IPSec Discovery (SOLID)", 71st CAMPUS Plenary Meeting, CAMPUS Competence Network SEN, 2013
[Ros12b]Rossberg, Michael: Scalable and Resilient Auto-Configuration of Virtual Private Networks, Technische Universität Darmstadt, 2012
[Ros12a]Rossberg, Michael: Sicherheitsmechanismen in Protokollen für drahtlose Sensornetze, 4. Brandenburger Sensornetztag zu Sicherheit in Funksystemen, 2012 [Slides (pdf, 492KB)]


[LGR18]Lasch, Robert; Girlich, Franz; Rossberg, Michael: Multiple Security Issues in Ecos Secure Boot Stick (SBS)Mehrere Sicherheitslücken in Ecos Secure Boot Stick (SBS), Juni 2018
[Ros11]Rossberg, Michael: Skalierbare Autokonfiguration sabotageresistenter virtueller privater Netze, Cuvillier Verlag, Göttingen, 2011 [Amazon]
[Ros10]Rossberg, Michael: Multiple Security Issues in Wippien, Technical Report, February 2010 [Full Text (txt, 4KB)]
[Ros07]Rossberg, Michael: Peer-to-Peer-basierte Autokonfiguration komplexer virtueller privater IPsec-Netze. Technische Universität Ilmenau, Fachgebiet Telematik/Rechnernetze, Unpublished Diploma Thesis, September 2007

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae


Netzwerksicherheit, Schutz von Kommunikationsinfrastrukturen


März 2013KuVS Communication Software Award (dotiert mit 500€, mit Michael Grey, Markus Trapp, Franz Girlich und Günter Schäfer)
Oktober 2011Lehrpreis der TU Ilmenau (dotiert mit 1.000€)
Dezember 2010Auszeichnung "Beste Übung" der Fakultät für Informatik und Automatisierung
November 20103. Preis beim Deutschen IT-Sicherheitspreis (dotiert mit 40.000€, mit Günter Schäfer)
November 2008STIFT-Preis für hervorragende anwendungsorientierte Promotions- und Abschlussarbeiten an Thüringer Hochschulen (für Diplomarbeit, dotiert mit 1.000€)


Universitäre Selbstverwaltung

seit November 2012Mitglied der Studiengangskommision medizinische Informatik
seit Januar 2012Mitglied der Studiengangskommision RCSE
seit November 2010Mitglied der Studiengangskommision Informatik
seit Juni 2008stimmberechtigtes Mitglied des Fakultätsrat IA


TPC Member


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Elsevier COMNET, Elsevier COMCOM, IEEE ISCC 2011, OMNeT++ 2010, IEEE Globecom 2009, IEEE ICC 2009, IEEE SUTC 2008, OMNeT++ 2008, IEEE ICC 2008