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Curriculum Vitae of PD Dr. Wichard J. D. Beenken

14.10.1964born in Munich, Germany.
1970 - 1973Primary school in Munich.
1973 - 1983Maximiliansgymnasium, humanistic secondary school in Munich.
1983 - 1991Study of physics at Faculty of Physics of Technical University Munich. Graduation (Diplom Physiker) at Chair for Theoretical Bio- and Molecular Physics under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Sighart Fischer and Dr. Philipp O. J. Scherer about Quantum-Chemical Calculations for Spectral Sensitizing of Silver-Halogenids.
1991 - 1994Study of economics at Faculty of Economics of Technical University Munich. Graduation (Diplom Wirtschaftsphysiker) under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Ralph Reichwald and Dr. Jürgen Weichselbaumer about Self-Organization in the Company.
1995 - 1999PhD-student at the FemtoBiology group of Dr. Dieter Leupold at Max-Born-Institut, Berlin, Germany. Promotion at Humboldt University Berlin under the supervision of Dr. Volkhard May; Thesis: Theory of Non-Linear Polarization Spectroscopy in the Frequency Domain (NLPF) with Applications to Photosynthetic Antennae.
2000 - 2003Postdoc in the Computational Chemical Physics group of Dr. Tönu Pullerits at the Department of Chemical Physics (head: Prof. Dr. Villy Sundström), Lund's University, Sweden, performing quantum-chemical calculations of conjugated polymers (polythiophenes) and simulations of exciton-polarons.
2004Visiting Scholar at the Institute for Theoretical Chemistry, University of Vienna, Austria, in the group of Prof. Dr. Hans Lischka mainly for quantum-chemical calculations of biphenyl.
since 2005Lecturer and Research Scientist in the group for Theoretical Physics I of Prof. Dr. Erich Runge at the Technische Universität Ilmenau, Germany.
2011Habilitation and venia legendi by the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science at the Technische Universität Ilmenau. Title of habilitation thesis: Excitons in Conjugated Polymers : a Theoretical Study Based on Quantum Chemistry
2011 - 2016Coordinator and member of the study affairs committee for the master course "Renewable Energies"
since 2011Member of the study affairs committee for the bachelor and master course "Technical Physics"
2014 - 2017Member of the senat's committee for research and early stage researchers
since 2015Member of the study affairs committee for the bachelor and master course "Biotechnical Chemistry"