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Welcome to Theoretical Physics II

Our group at the 5th WOMA conference, Bad Honnef, Germany, November 2017. From left: Jakob Kreismann, Martina Hentschel, Sebastian Luhn, Guido Natura, Julius Kullig

Welcome to our group Theoretical Physics II/Computational Physics. Our main topic is theoretical research in the broad field of mesoscopic physics. Often we use numerical simulations to gain a deeper understanding of these microscale objects such as quantum dots, graphene, or optical microcavities (billiards for light). We warmly welcome interested students to join our group for a student researcher ("Hiwi")  project, for Bachelor or Master thesis, or for doing a PhD.

Our group seminar, the  "Theorietee", usually takes place on Tuesday afternoon (more information via Dagmar Böhme).

We also contribute to teaching, especially in the Bachelor and Master Course Technical Physics, typical the course lectures Theoretical Mechanics as well as Thermodynamics and Statistics, and lectures in Mesoscopic Physics, Quantum Chaos, Nonlinear Dynamics, or Transport in Nanostructures.

We invite you to our webpages to learn more about the Theoretical Physics II group.


We hosted the 21st German Women in Physics Meeting from September 28 - October 1, 2017at TU Ilmenau.

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Secretary, C320 (Curiebau)

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