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International University Liaison Indonesia

The International University Liaison Indonesia is a university founded under Indonesian law with significant participation of TU Ilmenau. It is located in Bumi Serpong Damai in southwestern Jakarta. It commenced operations in July 2015 and focuses on engineering. Further fields of work are the life sciences as well as economics and social sciences.

Since 2015, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has been supporting the development of degree programmes in its Transnational Education programme. The participants are TU Ilmenau, which is also the consortium leader, and FH Erfurt. The scientific basis of the IULI is to be broadened with further partner universities.

In addition to funding from the DAAD, the state of Thuringia supports the establishment and equipping of laboratories for academic teaching. Private donors also contribute to the establishment of the university with loans. In the long term, the IULI will be financed by tuition fees, which are currently below the average fees that are customary in Indonesia.

Currently, the IULI offers fourteen courses of study with an S1 or Bachelor degree in three faculties. A licence for programmes with Master's degrees is to be applied for in accordance with Indonesian legal requirements once the Bachelor's programmes have been established and corresponding degrees have been obtained.