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In the university network of the TU Ilmenau (IP range: 141.24.*.*), the University Library offers selected licensed online databases and a selection of freely accessible databases on the Internet.

These databases administered by the cooperative "Database Infosystem (DBIS)".

Access via:

Opportunities for use

The opportunities for use are indicated by the following colored start buttons:

freely accessible from all computer workstations in the university network of the TU Ilmenau (141.24.*.*)

freely accessible throughout Germany (DFG-supported national license) (DFG-geförderte Nationallizenz)

generally available on the WWW

In same cases, the use outside the TU network is also possible after authentication viaShibboleth or VPN möglich.
Restrictions may occur when the accessing computer is behind a firewall.

Dr. Johannes Wilken

Phone: +49 3677 69-4594