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Electronic Resources

You stay at home - the library joins you.

All digital offers of the UB are also available during the limited opening hours.
You can easily find and read some of them in full text by searching in Google or Google Scholar, but some things you can't.
It is mainly the latter part that is at issue here.

What do you need?

All you need is a web browser when you are on campus. When you are not on campus, you may have to identify yourself to the providers as being associated with the TU Ilmenau, this is possible via VPN or Shibboleth.

Search for e-books:

Search in the catalogue or IDT as usual, e.g. for topics, then use the filter function/hit analysis to restrict online resources. 

Search for e-journals (or articles in e-journals):

In the Electronic Journals Library, you can search for the title of the journal (not the title of the article). Available volumes of the journal are marked green or yellow. Follow the link to the publisher's website and search for the desired article by year/issue.

Research in literature databases:

Databases contain metadata (title, author, year of publication etc.) on literature and/or the literature in full text. You can select relevant databases for your subject in the Database Info System. The URLs of the databases are stored.


Available to all:

There are many resources that are freely available on the Internet and can be accessed from anywhere. In the university context, these include:

Additional offers during the Corona closure period:

  • Members of the TU Ilmenau have access to more than 22,000 online books by the publishing house Wiley, covering a wide range of subjects (VPN and Shibboleth), until 31 October 2020.
  • All about. 1,700 e-books from the Hanser eLibrary  (focus on engineering and technology) will be available to members of the TU Ilmenau until 31. 12. 2020 (Shibboleth or VPN)
  • The complete contents of the Herdt publishing house "All you can read"; (focus on computer science) are activated (VPN) for members of the TU Ilmenau until 31.12. 2020. The individual titles can also be found in our catalogue.