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1. When searching in the catalogue, a timeout occurs after ten minutes; the search results have disappeared and there is just an inactivity reference instead. Why does this happen?

This function is a feature of the catalogue and no error, and the message appears only then when there ten minutes have passed without any search activities. This timeout protects data in public computers. When a user forgets to shut down his/her user account, it is automatically shut down after ten minutes and the search window is also closed.
You can unhide the recent search (short list) again when selecting the link "search result" in the upper menu bar. You can retrace and have access to your prior searches via the tab "search history". The search queries are deleted by clicking the "cancel" button on the left side.
Titles you would like to look at more closely later can be saved in the clipboard of the catalogue. This is done via "save" in the left menu bar and selecting the button "clipboard", generating a list which you can work on if necessary. You click on "clipboard" in the upper menu bar to have all titles shown which have been saved.