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1. Notes on assigning the password for the user account:

After you have logged into the catalogue for the first time with the library user number and your password, you should change your password!

Recommendations for the password:

  • minimum 8, maximum 12 digits; minimum 2 capital letters and 2 digits
  • no use of personal data (e. g. user names or parts thereof)
  • no word from a known language (not even from colloquial language, dialect etc. )
  • no keyboard sequences (e. g. 123456 or qwertz)

Note: Please only use the characters A-Z, a-z, 0-9 as well as the under- (_) and hyphen (-) for the password. Only letters and numbers can be used when using the self-check-out system. .

2. I have forgotten my password. What shall I do now?

When you have forgotten your password, you can remember it easily: It consists of the first letter of your last name and your date of birth in six digits (DDMMYY).

Example: Hans Meier, born on 22 March 1975, his password is: M220375.

You can have a temporary password sent to the e-mail address stored in your user account. If you have any problems, please contact the information desk or the circulation desk.

3. How can I change my personal data?

You can inform the University Library about changes of your personal details like a new address or a change of your name when you fill in the appropriate form which is available at the circulation desk. Please inform the University Library at once as it is in your interest to receive your mail, in case of a reminder, as early as possible. 

4. Why is there no access to my user account in the catalogue? When I click on my user data or the user account: nothing happens!

Please activate Javascript in your browser, as this opens a new window where you can see your data and renew your borrowing period.
You have activated Javascript in your browser but use a program which eliminates pop-up windows (e.g. the software "WebWasher"); you must deactivate this program for the time using the catalogue or you set the program on accepting the pop-up window of the user account.

5. I cannot print my data, any information on my borrowed books, my reservations and reminder fees. Why is that the case?

Unfortunately, we have recognized that the use of an old browser software in combination with certain operating systems leads to an error message when printing certain documents. Should you receive an error message, please try to print your data with the help of another, perhaps more current browser software.

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