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Frequently asked questions about renewals

1. How can I extend the borrowing period?

In case of direct access, click the menu User Account.on the homepage. You are now asked to enter user identification and password. You find your user number on your library card/thoska underneath the barcode on the back (in general, it starts with 34….).
Your password is the first letter of your last name and the date of birth in six digits. Example: For Mr. Meier, born on 01.01.1960, the password is M010160.
After the correct entry, you see your user data /details.  You find a list with all media you have currently borrowed under the button “Borrowing“. Renewals are ticked accordingly and if the tick box is missing, the book has been reserved and cannot be renewed. The new renewal period is always calculated from the date of the renewal plus four weeks. Please note that you cannot change any borrowing periods when the period has already expired. In this case, please send an email to our information desk and ask for renewal.

2. How often can the borrowing period be renewed?

In general, the borrowing period can be extended three times by four weeks. The new expiry date of the lending period is calculated as follows: date of the renewal + 4 weeks. You have to do the renewal yourself before the expiry date. A fourth renewal may be possible in exceptional cases and you should send an email or fax in any case.

3. I cannot extend the borrowing period via the Internet. Can I call the University Library in such cases?

No, we can only accept a renewal in writing. Please send us an email or letter and inform us about the situation and your request for renewal. Should a renewal not be possible due to reservations, reminders or the exceeding of the maximum number of renewals (three times from your side and once on our part), we will contact by email accordingly.


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When you are a student or a staff member of the TU Ilmenau and would like to receive information by email, please use your university mail address.
You find further information here Mail-FAQ-UniRZ.

4. When I return a book, will I receive a receipt?

Before returning a book, please inform the assistant at the circulation desk that you need a receipt.