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Frequently asked questions on borrowing

1. My user data show borrowing with the term "book". Is this a faulty entry?

No, it isn‘t. Borrowing with the title "book" means that the book you borrowed contains a CD-ROM as supplement. In the past, book and CD-ROM were considered two individual titles borrowed and today they are registered as one title borrowed. The signature is in addition to the “book" mentioned and you can identify which book it is. Please treat these titles borrowed as all the other media you have borrowed and renew them accordingly if necessary.

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2. Why are there no activities possible in my account (e.g. reservations, renewals)?

This can have several reasons:

  • the right of use has expired,
  • the reminder fees are at 7.50 euro,
  • at least a third reminder has been sent to you.

Please report to the circulation desk for the renewal of your user rights with the submission of necessary documents, for payment of the reminder fees or for the return of media and the payment of the fees after the third reminder. If there is no reservation, the media can be borrowed at once again.

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