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INFO 1 - An Overview of the University Library

General Info

Ilmenau’s University Library is the largest library in Thuringia. Its main task is providing the university with literature and information to aid people in their studies, research and teaching. It also serves the scientific and professional needs of citizens, public institutions, business enterprises and research institutes throughout Germany.

The Ilmenau University Library is a member of the Common Library Network (GBV) and has a stock of approximately 700,000 items and 350 in-print journals. In addition, the Ilmenau University Library has online access to the licenses of around 22,000 electronic journals.

To borrow from the library, you just need a valid library card. This card can be either a thoska+ card or a card issued by the library itself. Using the library and borrowing books is entirely free, although a fee is charged when ordering materials from other libraries (inter-library loan).

The Ilmenau University Library can be found at the following locations:

  • Central Library and Information Desk (in the Leibnizbau), Langewiesener Str. 37, and
  • The Curiebibliothek (in the Curiebau, Room 118), Weimarer Straße 25.

The Curiebibliothek only contains materials for the subject areas of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

Last update: 2019/05/21