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INFO 10 – Course material collections

General information

In order to improve the availability of frequently used books, the University Library (UB) keeps certain literature permanently available. This means that it generally excludes them from lending, so that they can be used by anyone in the library's rooms during the entire opening hours. This includes, for example, the latest periodicals, basic reference books, or the reference copy of each textbook in the textbook collection for the subject in question.

Since there are also other cases in which the literature acquired by the library should be usable at any time, the University Library offers course material collections.

The literature of the course material collection is placed on the shelves following the textbook collection. In principle, it is not possible to borrow the literature stored in the course material collection, neither outside opening hours nor as a short-term lending service.

Course material collections

The course material collections are administered by the Digitale Bibliothek Thüringen (dbt). Lecturers of the university can create a course material collection on the website of the Digitale Bibliothek Thüringen under the item Reserve Collections --> Establish.

Via the website of the newly established course material collection, the responsible lecturer has the possibility to assign literature from the holdings of the University Library to the course material collection. Since certain titles for the course material collection have to be reclaimed by the University Library on a regular basis before including them in the course material collection, it is advisable to schedule a lead time of 6 to 8 weeks before the beginning of the course. As a rule, a course material collection should not exceed 30 titles.

The literature of each course material collection is marked accordingly. The shelf labelling shows which course material collection belongs to which course and who the supervising university teacher is.

Furthermore, the responsible lecturer can provide the students with various materials for his or her course via the website of the course material collection:

  • a list of the books available in the course material collection with bibliographical information and a link to the catalogue of the library,
  • WWW-links with comments,
  • references to other documents in the Digitale Bibliothek Thüringen, e.g. lecture scripts/slides or audio/video material and
  • other files within the scope of copyright law, e.g. exercise sheets, seminar plans or digitised copy templates.

Contact persons for course material collections:

Nicole Hösch

Phone: +49 3677 69-4643 oder -4531

Carola Lecke-Vollgraf (subsitute)

Phone: +49 3677 69-4633