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INFO 12 - Carrels and group study rooms

1. General

In the University Library there are in total eight rooms for group work and seven carrels provided, and all are equipped with power supply and Internet access for notebooks brought along. Two of the eight rooms for group work are equipped with data projections and one room with a smart display. These three rooms and all carrels must be booked at the Information desk. High demand for these rooms means that members of the university (students and staff members) are given priority over other visitors of the library.

2. Group study rooms

The rooms are meant for users who would like to study, learn or work on a project in small groups of three to ten persons. These rooms are not suitable as seminar or conference rooms. As in all the other sections of the library, eating and drinking are prohibited in rooms for group work.

2.1 Group study rooms need to be reserved

Two rooms for group work, which need to be reserved, are on the ground floor. Each room is equipped with a data projector, a whiteboard, eight sockets and eight network connections for notebooks brought along. Whiteboard markers, VGA and network cables can be borrowed at the circulation desk. In the mezzanine is one bookable room for group work with a smart display.

The following functions are possible:

  1. You can use the display as a data projector.
  2. You can use the display with multi-touch capability interactively and control your laptop this way.

The tools for MS Office are useable in the office programs and you receive all necessary materials at the circulation desk.

Rooms for group work can be booked for an entire day or hourly. Please contact the information desk. Should you not be able to keep a booked room and day, please inform us in good time. A group that is late for more than 15 minutes is not entitled to use the room for group work and the room is then provided to another group. The receipt of the key for the room for group work is subject to the submission of your thoska+ card and this means you recognize the User Rules of the University Library and the User Regulations specified with this information sheet.

2.2 Free rooms for group work

Between the intermediate storey and the basement are five rooms for group work which are not bookable. Three rooms are equipped with a whiteboard and the whiteboard markers are available at the information desk.

These rooms are for teams and are not suitable as individual workstations. It is not permitted to reserve or book the rooms.

2.3 Instructions for use

  • Please do not remove furniture from the room or place additional chairs or desks in it.
  • Library books you took to the rooms for group work must be returned when leaving the room.
  • Lock the room you booked when you leave it and return the key at the information desk Informationstheke . You must not take the key home with you! The person who received the key is the contact person for the library in any case, i.e. this person is liable to the library in any case of damages caused by the members of the group.

3. Carrels

Carrels are very useful when you have planned to work in the library for a longer period and have looked for an undisturbed permanent workstation.

3.1 Booking carrels

Carrels can be booked at the circulation desk for max. four weeks with the option of renewal if there is no further booking.

Users who are working on their final papers, i.e. dissertation, Diploma, Master’s or Bachelor theses are privileged in their booking. An official document must be submitted at registration or filed subsequently as proof of the completion and work on a final paper when booking a carrel. The required form is on our website: A-Z : Carrels: Bestätigung über die Anfertigung einer Abschlussarbeit.

You receive the key against signature and the submission of your thoska+ card; thus stating that you accept and recognize the User Rules of the University Library and the User Regulations listed on this information sheet.

The key must be collected within three days after the beginning of the booking period and the person who booked the carrel must have "moved” into; otherwise the reservation will expire and the room is offered for another booking.

3.2 Instructions for use

  • Non-circulation book (reference books or media from the course material collections) must be locked at night!
    These books and media may only be kept in the carrels for short-term use and have to be returned to the locations the same day when leaving the carrel. The library is entitled to carry out unannounced inspections. Media which have not been properly borrowed are removed and returned to their locations and, in case of reoccurrence, the user may be deprived from the right of using the carrel.
  • Should a carrel not be used for more than three opening days, it is cleared and made available for the person who has asked for a booking.
    Items then found in the carrel are considered lost items. Library books are removed, re-booked and returned to their locations.
  • Lock your carrel when you leave it and leave the key at the information desk. The library is not liable for private items kept in the carrel.
  • Please switch off the light, the computer and the screen when you leave the room.

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Last update: 2020/02/06