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The Ilmenau University Library combines with ilmedia (Ilmenau Media Services) all activities and services for publishing at TU Ilmenau offering scientists the opportunity of publishing fast, free of charge and simply electronically.

University publications, i.e. education and research reports, rules and regulations and the University Journal are published and collected on ilmedia.

Within the scope of ilmedia staff members of TU Ilmenau can use three service areas complementing and building upon each other: University bibliography, electronic publishing and the Universitätsverlag Ilmenau (university press) with the opportunity of publishing books.

1.1 General

The Ilmenau University Library lists and stores relevant publications by staff members of TU Ilmenau as part of the university bibliography. In addition to monographs, articles and contributions are collected which have not been listed in the catalogue so far. Furthermore, final degree thesis (Diploma thesis, Bachelor thesis, Master’s thesis) submitted at TU Ilmenau are also recorded and stored.

The university bibliography is part of the local catalogue and thereby again part of the GBV Common Union Catalogue (GKV). Thus high-quality title recording and perfect discoverability of media are ensured for interested scientists.

The university bibliography is created by setting a particular parameter as excerpt from the catalogue, so that one would only search in the university bibliography which offers the same functions as the catalogue, but ensures a selection of publications according to institutes or structural units. Authors can use the recording of titles in the university bibliography for their own lists or pages of publications and funding applications. This way, a recognized standard for scientific self-description is provided.

Additionally to the mere list of publications, there is the opportunity of supporting the interested reader with key words and an abstract of the publication at the level of bibliography or catalogue. These enriched catalogue entries are particularly useful for promoting the academic reception of publications.

1.2 Relevance for research

The acceptance of the university bibliography depends on the completeness of the registered publications. Since 2004 the University Library has been cooperating with the management of TU Ilmenau for achieving an almost complete registration of publications:

The TU Ilmenau intends to evaluate education and research on site annually for a sensible allocation of financial resources and personnel to individual groups with publication activities of individual scientists or groups as an important criterion. It is intended that scientists report their publications to the library for the university bibliography and the library provides the necessary details for evaluation to the President’s staff. According to the President’s office, this procedure will be part of the Evaluationsordnung (evaluation regulations) shortly.

This method of evaluating eases the burden of work for scientists at TU Ilmenau, as they have to report their publications only once but experience a double benefit: a professional presentation in the bibliographic catalogue and evaluation-relevant documentation of their research performance within the university.

At the same time the University Library gains an overview of the publications issued by scientists of the TU Ilmenau. A complete list or procurement of TU Ilmenau publications has been practically impossible so far.

1.3 Final thesis

Based on the examination regulations, the University Library lists and records bibliographically all final thesis submitted at TU Ilmenau and includes and stores these theses with abstracts written by the graduates in the university bibliography.

1.4 Further applications of the university bibliography

Apart from the above mentioned applications, further bibliographic services are conceivable; e.g. printing bibliographies according to various criteria based on the database of the university bibliography. Currently, the following two applications have been planned:
The listing of titles in the university bibliography can be used for the regularly published research reports of the university which cover –among other- things- the most important publications of each group.
In addition, the groups at TU Ilmenau can post a link to the university bibliography instead of administering comprehensive literature lists on their own website.

The same applies to the research and transfer database of TU Ilmenau.

2.1 General

Additionally to the service of the university bibliography, the University Library offers scientists of TU Ilmenau the opportunity to publish their scientific papers quickly and free of charge electronically.

The digital format provides the integration of multi-media elements and independent publishing. The University Library supports and advises staff members of TU Ilmenau in their selection of the appropriate publication model; this also applies to the founding of document series and their ISSN.

The service of electronic publishing is available to all staff members of TU Ilmenau and their scientific papers. Apart from essays, papers and treatises, congress publications and doctoral theses are ideal documents for free of charge electronic publishing with ilmedia and their sustainable dissemination. Excellent students’ theses can also be published upon recommendation of the supervising professor.

ilmedia uses the "Digitale Bibliothek Thüringen" (dbt; Digital Library Thuringia) as publication and archiving platform representing the "electronic shelf” for the catalogue and providing the opportunity to access documents with the help of current search engines on the Internet. The dbt ensures permanent electronical archiving under stable URN (Uniform Ressource Name). The access to documents in full texts in dbt is very simple through the links in the university bibliography and the local and national catalogues.

2.2 Retrospective digitalization

Apart from the availability of electronically provided documents, the University Library offers the opportunity of retrospective digitalization of conventionally published papers, especially covering articles in journals and anthologies. The linking of university bibliography and electronic publishing becomes obvious in the service of retrospective digitalization when the existing title in the university bibliography is completed by the full text version of the document.

The University Library offers with ilmedia a comprehensive service for scientific publications at TU Ilmenau supporting not only bibliographic indexing or electronic publishing but also the proven way of printing books.

The printed version of a text and the electronic way of publishing are not mutually exclusive; they are different occurrences with an individual functionality each. The quick and free of charge availability is the decisive criterion for a digital document whereas the printed document serves the needs of intensive reading and simple archiving. Although the publication of scientific texts should be organized in a digital way for ensuring a wide-spread distribution, circulation and reception, it may be useful to offer more extensive texts as printed books.

The University Library supports staff members in the scope of ilmedia when they are also interested in publishing their electronic documents as books with a minimum technical and financial effort. This service is of particular interest for dissertations and scientific papers of specific content. The basis for the work of the Universitätsverlag Ilmenau (University Press) is the "Benutzungsordnung für den Universitätsverlag" (user regulations) dated 13 February 2007. For further information on the Universitätsverlag Ilmenau, please see the appropriate information sheet.

4. Summary

The Ilmenau University Library offers with ilmedia comprehensive and free of charge publishing services for staff members of TU Ilmenau covering a range of services from the mere listing/reference to the printing of books and aiming at supporting the distribution/circulation and reception of scientific papers created at the university and thus strengthening the scientific profile of TU Ilmenau.

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