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INFO 2 - General Terms of Use

1. Permission and Regulations of Use

Use of the University Library is based on the "User rules and user policies for the University Library", which can be accessed by anyone. Entering the library implies an acceptance of these regulations. Everyone is permitted to use the Library, although permission to borrow materials must be applied for in person and in writing.

2. Library Card

A library card can be either a thoska+ card or a card issued by the Library upon presentation of valid ID (INFO 7). This library card entitles the holder to use all library facilities and is required for every book loan. Loss of a library card must be reported to the Library promptly, no later than opening time on the next working day.

3. Behaviour in the Library

3.1 In consideration of other users, quiet must be maintained in the library at all times. Group Study Rooms are available as required.

3.2 Users of the library must always have their library card or other ID card in their possession, so they can identify themselves if required.

3.3 Coats, anoraks and similar clothing, bags of all kinds, hats, umbrellas and luggage may not be taken into the library.

3.4 Library employees are required to check any personal books, newspapers and document files brought into the library by library users.

3.5 Animals cannot be taken into the library.

3.6 Eating, drinking (exception: water in transparent bottles) and smoking is not permitted within the library.

3.7 The Library can press charges in cases of theft and deliberate book damage.

4. Use of computer workstations

The Library makes Computer Workstations available to library users as far as resources allow. These may not be used for anything other than library purposes. When demand is great, time limits may be placed on computer use.
Instructions for the use of devices, databases and internet services must be followed. Copyright and licensing regulations must be observed. Changing system settings, network configurations or software is prohibited.
In addition to the user rules and user policies for the University Library, the current, valid Bestimmungen des Universitätsrechenzentrums also apply.

5. Use of private laptops and USB storage media

Library users may use their own laptops (without a bag) in the library; the central library and the Curiebibliothek also have wi-fi access to the university network. Further information on the use of the wi-fi network can be found on the library website under "Public Services -> FAQ Computernutzung in der UB".

6. Due care and user damages

Anyone who loses or damages library materials or any other library items must report this to the Library immediately and pay for their replacement. In such cases, please contact the lending desk at the central library.

7. Cloakroom regulations

Lockers for jackets, bags and other possessions can be found in the cloakroom area of the central library. These lockers must be emptied when leaving the building. Lockers still in use at the end of the day are opened by library staff after closing time and any items left in them are considered lost property.

8. Fees and deposits

General use of the library is free. The collection of any fees, overdue charges and other expenses depend on para. 27 of our user rules and the scale of charges attached to the rules

The library staff relies on users to respect and understand the necessity of these regulations in the interests of other users.

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Last update: 2019/05/16