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Schedule of costs:Annex to the user rules and user policies for the University Library

This translation is only for general information and must not be used in connection with any legal matters. Only the original German version is legally binding.

(on the basis of the "Model Fee Schedule" of the Thuringian Rectors' Conference - Resolution of 25 January 2018)

Schedule of costs

No.SubjectCalculation basisFee in Euro
1.1First reminderper unit1,50
1.2Second reminderper unit2,50
1.3Third reminder

per unit

1.4Measures with special effort taken after the third reminder to collect receivables outstandingper procedure10,00
2Loan procedures
2.1Borrowingper order1,50
2.2.1German interlibrary loanper unit or up to 20 copies (paper or electronically)free of charge
2.2.2International interlibrary loanper unit8,00
3Photocopying, photo and other reproduction services based on the library’s collections and stocks
3.1Photocopying service by staff members of the library (referring to stocks which are not available for self-service photocopying)
3.1.1DIN A4up to 20 copies4,00
per any further copy0,20
3.1.2DIN A3up to 20 copies8,00
per any further copy0,40
3.2Scans by library staff members (referring to stocks which are not available for self-service scanning)
3.2.1Standing chargeper order5,00
3.2.2Scan up to an original size of DIN A3per Scan0,40
3.3Administrative charge for the supply of scans availableper order3,00
3.4Photocopying, photo and other reproduction services requiring special effortbilling on the clock
3.5Photocopying and other reproductions as self-service by the usercostspayment in full
4Use of reproductions for commercial purposesper reproduction depending on the publication format and the total number of copies15,00 up to 1.000,00
5Written information and research services requiring special effort billing on the clock
6Processing of complex loan queries for exhibitions, research projects or similar purposes
billing on the clock
7Replacement of losses and irreparably damaged library stocks
7.1Administrative charge for identifying the type and amount of replacement service with special effortper unit10,00
7.2Administrative charge for purchasing the replacement copy by the libraryper unit5,00
7.3Inclusion of the replacement copyper unit15,00
8Removal of damage, soiling, etc. on library equipment and equipment
8.1Administrative charge in the event of key loss and emergency opening of lockers per key or lock replacement15,00
8.2Administrative charge for removal of other damagebilling on the clock
9Reimbursement of expenses
9.1.1Postage for the third reminder (sent by registered mail)actual costspayment in full
9.1.2Other expensesactual costspayment in full
9.2Interlibrary loan
9.2.1Borrowing (charges paid to supplier libraries)actual costspayment in full
9.2.2Lending (additional costs /special services e.g. for despatch, transport, insurance)actual costspayment in full
9.3Data carriers (CD, USB sticks etc.)payment in fullpayment in full
9.4Library card – the original card or replacement per library card10,00
9.5Loss of or damage to library stocks and equipment
9.5.1Key / lock replacementactual costs per operation or damagepayment in full
9.5.2Other forms of replacementactual costs per operation or damagepayment in full
9.5.3Removal of any damage to the library stocks and the equipmentactual costs per operation or damagepayment in full
9.5.4Book binding costsper unit3,00 up to 50,00