M.Sc. Lei Du
Research assistant

Ilmenau University of Technology
Faculty of Computer Science and Automation
Institute of Automation and Systems Engineering
Department of Process Optimization

Helmholtzplatz 5
98693 Ilmenau
Zusebau, Room 2085

Phone: +49 3677 69-4193



  • Analysis of the feasibility and stability of the non-linear model predictive control in autonomous driving.



Winter semester

  • Control Engineering
  • Hierarchical Control System

Student support


Master and Bachelor theses (current)

  • Research of an Algorithm for Obstacle Identification and Recognition in Extreme Environmental Situations in Autonomous Driving (Wuwei Ma)
  • An APF Algorithm combined with Artificial Neural Network to Achieve Path Planning for Different Obstacles (Yujia Wang)
  • Research on an Optimal Control Strategy Based on the Shortest Emergency Obstacle Avoidance Trajectory (Xuehan Li)
  • Simulation of Overtaking Behavior in Country Road for Autonomous Vehicles Based on Model Predictive (Tianyu Wang)
  • Geometric Path Planning under Different Road Conditions for Autonomous Vehicle (Yanan Zhang)
  • Advanced Algorithm of Vehicle Speed and Heading Angle Prediction Using Image Processing Analysis in Autonomous Driving. (Shaopeng Cui)
  • Research of an Algorithm for Lane Line Recognition and Determination in Extreme Environmental Situations in Autonomous Driving (Hongbo Li)

Master and Bachelor theses (completed)

  • An Aggressive Trajectory Planning Method to Find the Shortest Distance in Emergency Avoidance of Vehicles (Naiyu Guo, closed on 29.03.2021)
  • Parameter Optimization in Non-Linear Model Predictive Control for Autonomous Vehicle Based on Reinforcement Learning (Bolin Sun, closed on 24.03.2021)
  • Analysis and Optimization of Vehicle Stability for Autonomous Driving in Obstacle Avoidance Process Based on In-wheel Motor Vehicles (Shuo Zhu, closed on 24.03.2021)
  • Advanced Research on Emergency Obstacle Avoidance Strategy Based on Stability and Robustness in Autonomous Driving (Quan Liu, closed on 26.10.2020)
  • Strategie für Pfadplanung auf der Autobahn (Han Qin, closed on 24.08.2020)
  • Obstacle Avoidance Strategy and Path Planning in High-Speed Autonomous Driving based on Nonlinear Model Predictive Control. (Tianfang Tao, closed on 13.05.2020)

Project and advanced seminars (current)

  • Development of high-dimensional fitting of obstacles and its application in constraints and path planning on autonomous vehicle (Hao Wang, Huangchi Lin and Li Chen)

Project and advanced seminars (completed)

  • Vehicle Motion and Velocity Prediction using Onboard Camera’s Video Stream in Autonomous Driving. (Emil Faizrakhmanov and Aleksandra Fedorova, closed on 24.03.2021)
  • Detection and Tracking for Pedestrians, Bicycles and Vehicles. (Shaopeng Cui, closed on 14.10.2020)
  • A New Obstacle Avoidance Algorithm based on Nonlinear Model Predictive Control for Autonomous Vehicle in Unstructured Environment. (Shaopeng Cui and Anh Tuan Nguyen, closed on 13.05.2020)

Own master thesis


Smoothness and Stability Analysis of the Obstacle Avoidance Maneuver Using Model Predictive Control (29.03.2019)