Course overview winter semester 2021/22


Status: 17.09.21 - information is preliminary and changes are possible

Deep Learning for Computer Vision  - VorlesungU+GMo13.00-14.30onlineDr. Eisenbach
Deep Learning for Computer Vision - ÜbungU+GDi13.00-14.30onlineDr. Eisenbach
Mensch-Maschine-Interaktion - VorlesungU+GMi11.00-12.30onlineProf. Groß
Mensch-Maschine-Interaktion - ÜbungUDi13.00-14.30onlineM.Sc. Seichter
Robotvision - VorlesungU+GDi15.00-16.30onlineProf. Groß
Robotvision - ÜbungUMi13.00-14.30onlineDr. Müller
Robotvision AktivübungInformation can be found in the moodle course "Robotvision"Dr. Müller
Softcomputing - Teil Fuzzy Logik - VorlesungU+GDi11.00-12.30onlineDr. Debes
Softcomputing - Teil Gen./Evol. Algorithmen - VorlesungUDi13.00-14.30onlineDr. Debes
Softcomputing - Übung  starts on 16.11.21 GDi13.00-14.30LdV-Hs
in presence
Dr. Debes
Praktikum NeuroinformatikInformation can be found in the moodle course "Praktikum Neuroinformatik"MSc. Schütz
Hauptseminar NeuroinformatikGDi13.00-14.30onlineDr. Scheidig
BA-MA-Seminar NeuroinformatikU+GMi9.00-10.30onlineProf. Groß
Projektseminar NeuroinformatikNo fixed date, please contact the secretariat (Z3060, tel. 692858) if you are interested.