Welcome to the research group "Automata and Logik"

(until 2014 research group Theoretical Computer Science)

Part of the Institute for Theoretical Computer Science of the Faculty of Computer Science and Automation.

The main research focus of the research group "Automata and Logics" lies in the areas of automatic verification of distributed systems and automatic structures. Our studies particularly utilize methods from logic and automata theory and therefore belong to the wider field of logic in computer science. 

In the research area of automatic verification we try to find a balance between the expressive power of specification languages and their algorithmic complexity. In this connection, theoretical results concerning distributed models with finitely many internal states are analyzed regarding their practical relevance, adapted and extended. This research work is in undertaken in close contact with researchers in Paris and Bordeaux. 

Besides the above mentioned systems, one is also interested in the verification of those with infinitely many internal states (which can occur due to stacks or string variables). Automatic structures are an abstract model of such systems. We investigate these structures in terms of algorithmic aspects (Which problems are solvable and which resources are necessary?) as well as abstract properties (What model theoretic properties do these structures exhibit?). Regarding these questions, we cooperate with colleagues in Siegen and Auckland.