Book chapter on the use of artificial intelligence published

How the Use of AI Will Change the Organisation of Work in Intralogistics

In their book contribution, Norbert Bach and Sven Lindig discuss how the use of AI will change the world of work in the intralogistics sector.

In an anthology on the future of work, futurologist Kai Gondlach asked experts from various industries to document their assessment of the impact of AI on the world of work. A German-language version of the book published in 2022 was met with very high demand, so that Springer-Verlag asked selected authors to revise their contribution and publish it in English as a revised version.

The article is based on the many years of close cooperation between the Department of Business Management at the Ilmenau University of Technology and LINDIG Fördertechnik GmbH and the insights into the intralogistics sector gained through numerous interviews.

The department is currently supporting LINDIG Fördertechnik GmbH in a six-month test of the 4-day week.