Ilmenau Researcher at the 14th European Sports Economics Conference

Does UEFA Follow Public Interest?

In the city of Cork, Ireland, the University College Cork hosted the 14th annual conference of the European Sports Economics Association. From 23rd-25th August, 2023, more than 80 researchers from all over the world including North American and Australia discussed their newest research on sports economics topics. Oliver Budzinski from TU Ilmenau presented his common research with Arne Feddersen (University of Southern Denmark, Campus Esbjerg) on the topic “Public Interest Considerations in European Sports Competition Policy: The Case of UEFA”. Furthermore, long-time Ilmenau researcher Sophia Gaenssle (now University of Rotterdam, Netherlands) presented her common research, also with Arne Feddersen, on the topic “Economics of Superstars in Basketball: An Empirical Analysis of WNBA and NBA”. Keynotes were given by Jane Ruseski (West Virginia University; “Let’s Get Moving: Advancing Research on Sport Participation and Physical Activity”) and Alex Bryson (University College London; “Racial Discrimination in Sport”).