Sexual pleasure in the 21st century

Media Psychology Group publishes special issue of the “Journal of Sexual Research”

Where do we stand today with women’s experience and exploration of self-determined sexual pleasure? To what extent do old and new social norms as well as new technologies play a role, be it social media, sex toys or modern methods of reproductive medicine?

The special issue of the Journal of Sexual Research (issue 2/2022; Thieme Verlag) on the topic “Female Pleasure in the 21st Century”, edited by Prof. Döring from the Media Psychology and Media Design Group at TU Ilmenau, explores these questions. Presented are original research papers on the orgasm gap and repronormativity, an intergenerational debate on women’s and girls’ pleasure, a practical article on slow sex, an obituary of the well-known sexologist Ellen Laan, and numerous book reviews on the topic.

  • Döring, N. (2022). Editorial: Weibliche Lust im 21. Jahrhundert: Alles ist anders, alles bleibt gleich...? [Female pleasure in the 21st century: Everything is different everything stays the same...?] Schwerpunktheft derZeitschrift Für Sexualforschung [Special Issue of the German Journal of Sexuality Research], 35(02), 69–72.
  • Döring, N., & Mohseni, M. R. (2022). Der Gender Orgasm Gap. Ein kritischer Forschungsüberblick zu Geschlechterdifferenzen in der Orgasmus-Häufigkeit beim Heterosex [The gender orgasm gap: A critical research review on gender differences in orgasm frequency during heterosex]. Zeitschrift für Sexualforschung [German Journal of Sexuality Research], 35(02), 73–87.
  • Döring, N. (2022). Slow Sex: Ein Ansatz für entschleunigte und achtsame Sinnlichkeit [Slow sex: An approach for decelerated and mindful sensuality]. Zeitschrift für Sexualforschung [German Journal of Sexuality Research], 35(02), 97–101.
  • Döring, N. (2022). Zehn Sachbücher zur sexuellen Lust von Frauen [Ten nonfiction books on women's sexual pleasure]. Zeitschrift für Sexualforschung [German Journal of Sexuality Research], 35(02), 122–127.