Group Media Psychology publishes in DOCA

Measuring Instruments on Alcohol, Child Abuse, Incels and more

Media content research, like any other field of scientific research, depends on valid and reliable measuring instruments. Hence, the English-language Open Access Database DOCA (Database of Variables for Content Analysis) strives for providing valid and reliable measuring instruments on various topics for manual and automated content analyses. DOCA is edited by a team of researchers at the University of Zürich. All DOCA contributions go through a peer review process. The German Communication Association DGPuK recommends the DOCA.

In the Group Media Psychology and Media Design at TU Ilmenau, media content research is an important focus of work in both teaching and research. Therefore, the Group Media Psychology welcomes and supports the development of DOCA. Several DOCA contributions from the group are already available. They deal with the measurement of media representations of alcohol, child sexual abuse, incels, and visual gender stereotypes.

  • Alcohol: Döring, N., & Walter, R. (2022). Alcohol Portrayals on Social Media (Social Media). DOCA - Database of Variables for Content Analysis.
  • Child Sexual Abuse: Döring, N., & Walter, R. (2022). Iconography of Child Sexual Abuse in the News (Justice and Crime Reporting). DOCA - Database of Variables for Content Analysis.
  • Incels: Mohseni, M. R., & Grau Chopite, J. (2022). Online Incel Speech (Hate Speech/Incivility). DOCA - Database of Variables for Content Analysis.
  • Visual Gender Stereotypes: Döring, N. (2022). Visual Gender Stereotypes (Advertisement, Social Media). DOCA - Database of Variables for Content Analysis.


Complex scientific questions and problems can often not be solved from the perspective of a single science alone. Interdisciplinarity, i.e. interdisciplinary cooperation, is therefore of great importance. Both inter-faculty cooperation at the TU Ilmenau and beyond its borders bundle competences and are an indispensable part of research at the IfMK.

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