InnoFARM project seeks collaborators for knowledge platform

WIRTSCHAFTSSPIEGEL Thüringen is the leading regional business magazine for Thuringia's small and medium-sized businesses. With each of its six issues per year, it reaches around 25,000 decision-makers and multipliers from business; politics and administration at all levels in the region. 

The editorial staff of WIRTSCHAFTSSPIEGEL became aware of the BMBF project and had the project team of the Management/Organization group explain the project to them in a 90 min video conference. As a result, WIRTSCHAFTSSPIEGELS is now supporting the project in its search for collaborators to build a knowledge platform on new forms of work organization. The aim of the survey currently being conducted among Thuringian companies is to ascertain Thuringia-wide assessments of opportunities and risks and the associated need for new forms of work organization. Based on the results of the survey, demand-oriented methods and instruments are being developed together with three partner SMEs, which are to be made available successively to all Thuringian companies via an Internet platform. The aim of the InnoFARM project is to utilize previously unused potential of employees through new forms of work and in this way to strengthen the innovative capacity of Thuringian companies. This in turn makes Thuringian SMEs more attractive as employers. The region as a whole can also benefit from this measure in the fight against the shortage of skilled workers. The more Thuringian companies participate, the greater the effects for the region. 

Small and medium-sized enterprises can support this project and contribute their interests and needs by participating in the survey described above and filling out the questionnaire as completely as possible. 

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The contribution can be viewed under the following link: (german article)

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