Range of courses summer term 2022

Here you will find all the information about the courses offered in the summer term.

Dear students,

all information about the courses offered in the upcoming summer term at the Management/ Organization Group can be found below. All further information on the respective courses (exercises, block seminars, etc.) will be communicated via moodle and/or in the first course.

Please enroll in the courses you would like to take in the next semester this week. We will close the moodle classrooms each time after the first course in order to provide learning materials to the then closed user group. Even after closing the classroom, enrollment in the respective moodle course is still possible, but no longer as a self-enrollment but only by sending a request to unf-wm@tu-ilmenau.de. We will then enroll you in the course as the person responsible for the module.

With regard to the transition between the previous and the new examination and study regulations (PO/SO) valid from the winter semester 2021/2022, the respective course titles, contents and/or examination modalities differ. The examination office maintains a table with the recognition options regarding the new examination regulations. In addition, you will find the current course offerings below:

Bachelor programs WIW, WI, MW and TBWL

PO 2021: 2nd term, mandatory module „Management“, (5 LP)

  • The lecture for this module will be held on-site on Wednesdays 1 pm in the Audimax.
  • Please enroll in the moodle-course „Management“.
  • You will take a written exam (exam in the lecture hall or electronic exam, depending on the pandemic situation) in the exam period summer term 2022.

PO 2015 and older: 4th term, mandatory module „Management 1 and 2“, (8 LP)

Students have two options to take this module in summer term 2022:

a) Online self-study course (videos of the lectures Management 1 in summer term 2022, Management 2 in winter term 2022/23)


b) On-site lecture in summer term 2022, participation in the moodle-course „Management“ according to the PO 2021

  • Registration for the examination as aPL in summer term 2022 at the beginning of the lecture period via the examination office of the Department of Economic Sciences and Media.
  • Please enroll in the moodle courses „Management“ and "Makers of Tomorrow“.
  • To pass the module (aPL), two parts must be successfully completed individually:
  1. Participation in the module „Management“ PO 2021 (5 CP, written exam)
    Lecture on Wednesdays at 1 p.m. in the Audimax
  2. Self-study in the course „Makers of Tomorrow“ (3 CP)

Research seminar for bachelor programs 

  • In the summer term 2022, the Management/Organization Group will also offer a “Research seminar for bachelor programs (Proseminar) and Management Simulation Game TOPSIM".
  • All information can be found here and the moodle course here.

Master programs WIW, WI, MW

PO 2021:

  • The lecture "Motivation and Leadership" (teaching language English) will take place on Tuesdays 5 pm at Helmholtz-HS (H-Hs).
  • Please enroll in the moodle course „Motivation & Leadership“.

PO 2018:

  • There will be no modules offered on PO 2018 in SS 2022.
  • Students of this PO have the possibility to take the module "Motivation and Leadership" (PO 2021) and have it accepted in their PO.

Research seminar for master programs

  • In the summer term 2022, the Management/Organization Group also offers an research seminar for master programs (Hauptseminar) on the topic of "Algorithms and Organizations".
  • All information can be found here and the moodle course here.

If you have any questions or comments, please send your request to: unf-wm@tu-ilmenau.de

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Please address questions regarding courses or the content of exams directly to the responsible teacher within the framework of the respective course so that they can be answered transparently for all students concerned.