Research focus


ImageTU Ilmenau / [FG Kleinmaschinen]
ImageTU Ilmenau / [FG Kleinmaschinen]

Calculation and design of electrical machines

  • Electronically commutated machines: Electronic motor (EC motor), permanent magnet synchronous machine (PMSM), sinusoidal commutated (BLAC), block commutated (BLDC), if necessary optimized for field weakening operation.
  • Mechanically commutated DC machines (permanent magnet motor, series motor, universal motor)

Optimization of existing machines

  • Optimization with regard to efficiency, noise, installation space, ...
  • Fault diagnosis and troubleshooting
ImageTU Ilmenau / [FG Kleinmaschinen]
ImageTU Ilmenau / [FG Kleinmaschinen]

Simulation of drive systems

  • coupled simulation models,
  • Optimizations under consideration of boundary conditions (mechanical environment, thermal environment, drive and controller methods)

Measurement of rotating machines

  • Evaluation of calculation and simulation results
  • Parameter extraction from adapted measurements
ImageTU Ilmenau / [FG Kleinmaschinen]
ImageTU Ilmenau / [FG Kleinmaschinen]

Fault diagnosis of motors

  • Measurement for targeted troubleshooting using our own control and evaluation software
  • Thermal analysis
  • Vibration analysis

Range of services

Engine development

  • Redesign
  • Revision
  • Adaptation
  • Optimization of electronically and mechanically commutated motors

Creation of calculation and simulation models

  • Application-oriented calculation models for the tailored design of special drives
  • Calculation models for superimposed simulations
  • Simulators for complete drives

Evaluation of designs, calculation and simulation

  • Recalculation of existing motor designs
  • Disclosure of any existing scope for optimisation
  • Adaptation to changed application and general conditions (material costs, material availability, efficiency, weight, packaging, noise and vibrations)

Fault diagnosis, optimization of existing drives

  • Determination of partial loss types, loss balance, loss optimization
  • Vibration and noise analysis
  • Commutation and lifetime analysis of mechanically commutated systems
  • Investigation of early failures and special fault patterns

Special equipment

Computer technology and simulation tools

  • PC-Pool
  • Calculation tools for finite element calculation (2D,3D, steady-state, transient)
  • Design software for engine design
  • Software simulation environments
  • Specially adapted measurement software and evaluation algorithms


Test benches

  • Recording of operating characteristics of different power classes and sizes (< 10W; 10W.... 100W; 100W....1000W; 1kW....15kW)
  • Recording of angle of rotation-dependent torque curves / cogging torques
  • Control modules for the regulation and control of different motor types with different regulation and control methods


Diagnostic systems for different motor types

  • Commutation analysis
  • Thermal measurement
  • Vibration measurement
  • Harmonic analysis