Internship information by degree program

Internship documents and forms

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The specialized internship must be registered before the start of the internship:

Bachelor's degree programmes EIT, MT and WSW:Registration for the specialistinternship.

Diploma course EIT: Registration for internshipand seminar paper

Information about the internship

Supervisor's declaration for EIT internship

Sample internship certificate


Within the framework of the QM, the TU Ilmenau is obliged to carry out anevaluation of the practical training of its students. This is done by means of a survey of the practice partners.

The first questionnaire, which inquires about the expectations of the company, is to be filled out at the beginning of the specialized internship.

professional practice - first questionnaire.pdf

The second questionnaire, which asks about the actual competences of the trainee, is to be filled in at the end of the professional practice.

professional practice - second questionnaire.pdf


Please hand in the completed questionnaires promptly to the Examination Office EI.