Prof. Dr. Achim Ilchmann

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Weimarer Str. 25 Curiebau
Room C 233
98693 Ilmenau

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Postfach 10 05 65
98684 Ilmenau

+49 3677 69-3623 (Univ.)

+49 361 2620613 (priv.)




Prof. Dr. Achim Ilchmann has been Head of group "Analysis and Systems Theory" since 2000. His research areas as are adaptive control of nonlinear systems and linear differential-algebraic equations. He also regularly gives lectures on philosophical problems in mathematics. Since 2003, he organizes the annual   Elgersburg workshop on 'Mathematical Systems Theory' for mathematicians and engineers.


Latest publications

  • A. Ilchmann, A. A. Mazzotti
    A method for recognising oval forms. The case study of a copperplate engraving of the Bibliotheca Wolfenbüttel 1705/23
    submitted for publication to Nexus Network Journal. Architecture and Mathematics, 6. Juli 2022
  • A. Ilchmann, A. A. Mazzotti
    Die versteckte Schönheit im Korbschen Oval der Bibliothek zu Wolfenbüttel
    14. Juni 2022
  • T. Berger, A. Ilchmann, St.Trenn
    Quasi feedback forms for differential-algebraic systems,
    to appear in IMA, 2021
  • A. Ilchmann, J.Kirchhoff
    Differential-algebraic systems are generically controllable and stabilizable,
    MCSS (2021) 33:359–377 
  • T. Berger, A. Ilchmann, E. P. Ryan
    Funnel control of nonlinear systems
    MCSS, 33:151--194, 2021
  • A. Ilchmann, J. Witschel, K. Worthmann
    Model predictive control for singular differential-algebraic equations
    to appear in International Journal of Control, 2021
  • T. Berger, D. Dennstädt, A. Ilchmann, K. Worthmann
    Funnel MPC for nonlinear systems with relative degree one 
    submitted to SICON, 2021
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