Currently Funded Projects

Noise Prevention

Versuchsaufbau LärmpräventionTU Ilmenau

Prevention research on noise-induced hearing loss in humans within the framework of the Competence Center for Interdisciplinary Prevention of the Employer's Liability Insurance Association for the Hospitality Industry (learn more)


Schematische Darstellung des ProjektsTU Ilmenau

The aim of this project is to demonstrate the feasibility of a modularly combinable and adaptable exoskeleton for the arm to compensate for physical stress (learn more)


Darstellung eines GreiferarmsTU Ilmenau

Development of an optical 3D detection system based on infrared light thermal pattern projection using a novel approach to detect such transparent objects (learn more)

Research Topics Not Yet Funded


Darstellung des TerroamerTU Ilmenau the provision of an easy-to-use, obstacle-compatible mobility aid, ideally with the addition of a certain "fun factor" and the property of challenging and maintaining existing natural mobility by "being active" (learn more)


Schematische Darstellung des Silver Mobility Projekts in Verbindung mit dem eRolliTU Ilmenau

Rollators are among the most widespread systems of mobility aids currently available. Their core function is comparable to both a mobile railing and a mobile seat. (learn more)

Bite Force

Visualisierung einer BeißkraftvorrichtungTU Ilmenau

Bite force is a factor that significantly affects feeding and social behaviour in vertebrates. It can be considered a performance trait that is directly linked to an individual's evolutionary fitness (REFS). (learn more)


Schematische Darstellung der CilienbewegungTU Ilmenau

Cilia (lat. singular cilium for cilium) are hair-like plasma extensions of eukaryotic cell membranes. They are used for locomotion in unicellular organisms and occur on organ systems in multicellular organisms. (learn more)


Röntgenaufnahme einer Hüftgelenk-EndoprotheseTU Ilmenau

The number of hip and knee prosthesis operations is steadily increasing. In combination with demographic developments and the frequent occurrence of periprosthetic complications, this means that the need for revision surgery is also becoming more frequent. (learn more)


Entwurf von SchlagflügelnTU Ilmenau

The design of a simple variable system for the analysis of the flight dynamic characteristics of flapping wing systems contributes to the study of their aerodynamic properties. (learn more)


Completed Projects*


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