Examination notes

Exams TM 1.1, TM 2.1 and TM 3.1 will take place online.

You will receive timely information on the process! 

The exam covers the entire lecture material.
For any type of exam, the student must register using the thoska+ system.
The student must also register for the machine dynamics voucher.
In the last weeks of the current lecture period there will be revision courses for engineering mechanics see under (exam) dates for exact dates.
Publication of the exam results in the first week of the following semester.
Scheinvergabe and inspection of the examination papers in the third week after the start of lectures of the following semester.
Archiving of examination papers: all examination papers are archived in the eighth week of the following semester.

Oral examinations

In addition to registering for the oral examination in the thoska+ system, the student must have his/her date confirmed by Ms. Kirsten in the Technical Mechanics Office in the last week of lectures (see ( examination) dates for exact dates) of the current semester (bring your thoska+ card). Here he will find out his exam day and date.

Procedure of the oral examination

The oral examination consists of two parts:
 Preparation (30 min.)
 Oral examination (30 min.)
Preparation begins with the drawing of an examination paper.
When working on the task, the use of a provided formula collection is permitted.
In the oral part, the main points of the tasks drawn are discussed first.
The examiner and the assessor will ask additional questions at their discretion.
In the oral part, the examinee should show a basic understanding of the theoretical contexts from the lecture.

Permitted stuff

own paper
Writing utensils (no pencil, no RED)
ruler / set square
non-programmable calculator
Exercise book "Technical Mechanics" by Prof. Zimmermann or formulary for the subject from the copy shop
TippEx, eraser

Any communication devices (mobile phone, smartphone, smartwatch, tablet, laptop, ect.) are to be kept switched off in the locked bag / backpack.