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Fall semester 2020

Preview of the spring semester 2021

The events take place in the Faraday-Hörsaal (Weimarer Straße 32, access from Prof. Schmidt-Straße) every Friday at 15:00 (see General Information - Site Plan of the TU Ilmenau).

Dates for the spring semester 2021

Due to the corona pandemic, it is not possible to forecast for the spring semester 2021. It is already certain that there will be no courses before 31.03.2021. Please take note of the latest information here on the website and in the local daily press.

Review of previous semesters

In the review of the previous semesters you will find the events of the Senior Citizens' Academy from the autumn semester 2006 onwards.

Review of previous semesters

General notes

The Senior Citizens' Academy at the Technical University of Ilmenau, founded in 2006, is an open further education programme for all interested parties, naturally also for those who have not yet reached retirement age.

General information on participation in the Senior Citizens' Academy

Responsible for the program and organization of the senior citizens' academy is the Technical University of Ilmenau in cooperation with the Universitätsgesellschaft Ilmenau - Freunde, Förderer, Alumni e.V.