Projects at ZIB

The project examING - Digitization of competence-oriented testing for engineering bachelor's degree programs is funded in the course of the federal-state program "Strengthening Higher Education Teaching through Digitization" of the Foundation for Innovation in Higher Education. The aim of the project is the (further) development of innovative, competence-oriented examination formats to promote digitization in engineering bachelor's degree programs and their adoption in everyday university life.

The project "BASIC- Basic Engineering School- New forms of teaching and learning in engineering education - especially in the introductory phase of studies " is funded by the BMBF from the "Program for better study conditions and more quality in teaching" and is the first large project that is located at ZIB. The aim of the project is to make the entry into the basic subjects of engineering studies at the TU Ilmenau more suitable for the students.

The project "BASICplus"comprised the conception and realisation of an in-service training and further education programme in engineering subjects and thus significantly complements the in-service further education landscape for MINT professions.