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Corona Update May 25, 2022

With respect to significantly decreasing infection numbers, several general COVID-19 protection frameworks will expire by the end of this week, including Federal COVID-19 occupational safety and health regulations as well as the Thuringian Ordinance on Protection Measures. This results in changed regulations also at our university. More precisely, after expiration of the Thuringian regulations on May 28th, special regulations will no longer apply. This implies in particular:

  • No more obligations to wear a mask in university buildings
    Wearing a mask when entering an university building is no longer mandatory. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend wearing a suitable mask (medical/FFP2) within buildings and rooms, especially in larger groups and in situations, e.g. in the lecture halls, when an appropriate distance cannot be maintained. In addition, further proven measures in the context of teaching activities (e.g., ventilation, spacing, hygiene) and in workplace design and organization (e.g., setting up partitions) may also be maintained, as long as they do not interfere with lecture activities or service operations.

  • No more reports of infection cases
    There is no obligation for students and employees anymore to report Corona infections to the university.



All citizens have the possibility to test in the test center (container across from the Campus-Sporthalle) antigen rapid test or PCR test.

On 30.6.2022 the new Corona test regulation came into force. Free Corona rapid tests are therefore only available under certain conditions.

In particular, vulnerable groups or persons who cannot currently be vaccinated are entitled to a free test. These include, for example, children under 5 years of age, pregnant women in the 1st trimester, or visitors/residents of hospitals/nursing facilities. Furthermore, household members of proven infected persons or persons for whom a test is required to end quarantine will receive a free test.

If these prerequisites are not fulfilled, an own contribution of 3,- EUR per test has to be paid from now on. Proof of the prerequisites for a 3,- EUR citizen test (attendance at an indoor event on the day of the test, contact with persons at risk or red Corona warning app) is based on self-disclosure.

Individuals with symptoms should see a doctor in the future. However, the right to a free PCR test, if the rapid antigen test is positive, still exists.


The booking of a test appointment is done as before at the known address:

You can choose between the free citizen test, the citizen test with a 3,- EUR co-payment or the antigen rapid test for 9,90 EUR.

You can read all relevant information about the change of the Corona Test Regulation here.

The currently valid test regulation can be found here.


The University does not provide free self-testing for members and affiliates of the University and students.


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