Entering Contact Cata for Face-to-Face Events

Simple and Secure via QR Code

The digital system for recording contacts on campus is intended to enable contact persons to be traced quickly in the event of infection and reported to the public health department. For this purpose, the contact data of students, teachers, employees and external visitors (guests, service providers) are recorded using the "QRONITON" system, which is already used at other universities in Thuringia.

Contact tracking with QRONITON is done using QR codes that are scanned with a smartphone to record those present in a room. For this purpose, signs with the QR code of the respective room have been placed in all central lecture halls and teaching rooms next to the entrances and on the first unoccupied seats.

On these pages we inform you about how exactly the registration via QR code works with the QRONITON system.

Please also take note of our privacy policy on the infection chain tracking system described above.

Participation in the contact data collection is obligatory and serves your own health and safety.

Step by Step: This is How Contact Cata Entry Works

Further Information

Contact Persons

General Questions or Suggestions

If you have general questions about contact data collection, please contact the Presidium at praesident@tu-ilmenau.de.

Technical Questions and Problems

For technical questions and problems, please contact the IT-Serivce Desk at +49 3677 69-1111 and qroniton@tu-ilmenau.de.

Missing or Damaged QR Codes

In the case of missing or damaged QR codes, please contact us, stating the exact location, building and room number.

In the case of missing or damaged QR codes, you can also use the form for recording contact data when external persons enter the building ("public access") (pdf, 74 KB) in the short term.