Gender Identity

At our university, it should be possible to live out one's gender identity as one wishes. However, for people whose gender does not correspond to their  assigned sex at birth, there are often a number of social and bureaucratic hurdles in the way.

The Department for Equality, Diversity and Health therefore provides assistance to overcome these hurdles at the university and in everyday life.

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Change of name and civil status

The change of name and civil status is an important process for transgender people to feel comfortable with their own gender identity. However, this process is currently associated with a long and costly procedure according to the "Transsexuellengesetz", which is still in effect.

Therefore, at the TU-Ilmenau it is possible to change one's name and gender entry and to get a thoska on the new name already before the conclusion of the procedure according to the Transsexuellengesetz. For this, the procedure for changing the name according to the TSG must already have been initiated and a supplementary ID of the dgti e.V. must be available. The corresponding form can be found on the intranet.

Supply offers

Transgender people often need health care during their transition in the form of psychologists, endocrinologists, speech therapists and much more. It can be difficult to find therapists who are familiar with the treatment of trans* persons.

The Trans*DB offers a moderated search function to find trans*-experienced practitioners in your area. On this website you can also find groups or other contact points that can be helpful during the transition.

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The Queeres Zentrum Erfurt is a central contact point for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, intersex and queer people. Free and confidential counseling for affected persons is offered there.

TG-Deutschland (formerly Transgender-Deutschland) is a German-language discord server that was founded to offer trans* people a platform for professional exchange. The server is intended to provide a safe space and is therefore exclusively for trans* and questioning persons.

In addition, the Department for Equality, Diversity and Health is also available to members of the university as a point of contact for advice or in the event of experienced discrimination.

Service & Contact

Diversity Officer

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Gender identity counseling

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