The "We listen TU you" Hotline for Students

Have you ever had problems in your studies, stress, fears, negative thoughts or other difficulties?

Would you like to talk about it with someone who has an open ear for you? Maybe even in your native language?

If so, then the "We listen TU you" hotline is just right for you.

The "We listen TU you" hotline is a service supported by the Student Health Management and the Central Institute for Education at the TU Ilmenau as well as the Techniker Krankenkasse. Committed volunteer students have an open ear for your problems and can - if desired - refer you to the right counseling centers at the TU Ilmenau.

Your call to "We listen TU you" is received anonymously. You decide how much you share about yourself.

"We Listen TU You" is there to listen to you.

unsplash / Naassom Azevedo