Quality of training

The quality of education is ensured by good study organisation and planning, combined with good material study conditions and individual support and expert advice. The excellent quality of teaching at the TU Ilmenau has now been confirmed by the system accreditation. Particularly in continuing education, small learning groups, innovative teaching methods and close contact with lecturers ensure optimal teaching. The high quality of teaching at TU Ilmenau is continuously confirmed by regular evaluations among students.

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the courses offered, the lecturers of the Department of Economic Sciences and Media have many years of teaching experience at the interface between business and technology. In addition, our excellent lecturers offer extensive practical experience and some of them are trained in engineering themselves. We understand you - we speak engineer.

Venue & Duration

The attendance events are usually held in seminar hotels in Erfurt. If necessary, other venues (e.g. in-house at the company) can also be offered. A further training course comprises two days (usually Friday and Saturday). Deviations in duration and period are explicitly stated in the individual course descriptions, if available.



You will find all information on the courses offered within the framework of the certificate study programme in the left-hand navigation, arranged according to subject areas. In addition, it is important to us to offer you further training that will prepare you optimally for your individual professional challenges. Should you therefore need additional subject areas, please do not hesitate to contact us!



Our teachers are professors, doctors, qualified scientific staff and lecturers from the practice. Each of them has many years of teaching experience in his or her field and will provide you with selected knowledge that you will need for your work as a manager.

Admission requirements & Degree

Each subject from the continuing education programme "Business Administration for Managers" can be taken individually as a qualification measure without admission requirements. Please refer to the descriptions of the individual courses for required prior knowledge.

Depending on your personal qualification goals and the requirements of the company in which you work, you can select and take individual subjects from our overall range of courses. You will receive a certificate from the Central Institute for Education at the TU Ilmenau with an assessment for the completion of the relevant subject.


Start of studies

The beginning of each subject is determined individually depending on the number of participants and their wishes. Please refer to the homepage for current dates.


Details & Registration

In the following, the individual courses offered are listed according to subject areas.

There you will also find the possibility to register directly for a course offer, to ask for further information on a module and to give feedback on already attended courses of our further education offer.