INFO 5 - The Curiebibliothek

Please note:

The The Curiebibliothek will remain closed until further notice. The holdings of the The Curiebibliothek can be ordered via thedelivery service and collected from the main library. Ordering from the Ilmenau Discovery Tool is particularly onvenient.

The last 3 journals that are still active as print subscriptions have been moved to the main library for on-site use.
These are the following 3 journals:

  •     Magnetohydrodynamics / Signature: 54 = PHY M 120
  •     Light & engineering / shelf mark: 54 = PHY L 5400
  •     Annual Report of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt / Signature: 54 = PHY J 2300

The older volumes from 2019 onwards must still be obtained from the Curie Library via the delivery service if required.

Literature stock

The specialist library in the Curiebau provides its users with books and journals in the subjects of mathematics, physics and chemistry in a total number of approx. 30,000 volumes, all of which are listed in the catalogue.

The directly accessible book holdings reflect the specialist knowledge mainly of the last decades and contain not only textbooks and reference works but also extensive special literature.

All titles of the textbook collection on the subjects mathematics, physics and chemistry are available as non-lending copies. (The textbook collection itself is located in the main library).

The bound volumes from 2011 onwards are usually also available in the periodicals complex of the Curie Library. Earlier volumes can be found in the main library. In addition, approx. 5,000 journals from the fields of mathematics, physics and chemistry can be accessed online via the Electronic Journals Library (INFO 16).

Status: 2021/03/17