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Agreements with scientific publishers within the DEAL project

Under the leadership of the German Rectors' Conference, the DEAL project aims to conclude Germany-wide licence agreements with major academic publishers, which include Open Access publication rights in addition to access to the content of journals. Ultimately, all publications from these publishers, which are produced by scientists and scholars working at universities in Germany, are to be made openly accessible.

So far, corresponding agreements have been concluded with two large publishing houses, and TU Ilmenau has participated in both.

In general, the contracts distinguish between two cases with regard to Open Access. In those journals which have not yet fully converted to the Open Access model, the Open Access release of individual articles within the scope of the DEAL contract is carried out at no additional cost to the participating institutions. In contrast, the fees for publications in journals which are already fully converted to the open access model are invoiced to the participating institutions on an annual basis.

Especially for authors the DEAL project group has created an FAQ list: https://www.projekt-deal.de/faq-for-authors/.

It should be noted that not all journals and not all article types are covered by the agreement with both publishers with whom DEAL agreements exist. The Open Access Officer will be happy to answer any questions you may have in this regard and in general regarding the DEAL agreements and the specific publication process at Wiley and Springer Nature.