by Anja Kürbis


The university's task of increasing student numbers to 6,000 by the year 2000 necessitated intensified advertising activities at all levels and a critical examination of previous public relations work. The approach of these activities, however, went far beyond the usual and was put up for discussion by the university under the term corporate identity.


Under the leadership of the rectorate, a working group of the cultural association Kulturelle Koordinierung (Kuko e.V.) was formed to think through the topic of public relations with all its facets and to provide possible solutions. Based on the assumption that all public relations activities are always connected with the self-portrayal of an institution, the working group focused on the identity of the university community. The first results were published for discussion in the Ilmenauer Hochschulblatt in June.

According to this, the corporate identity represents a kind of philosophy and values. On the one hand, it has a unifying effect on the community and, on the other hand, it counteracts the community's drifting apart. According to the first draft, this internal cohesion develops into an external expression of authority: "Wenn die Universität als Institution - Körperschaft - funktioniert, sind auch ihre Mitarbeiter stolz darauf, ihr anzugehören und umgekehrt." (Source: ihb 10, 1992, p. 3)


In his monthly column, Rector Köhler, who had participated in the creation of the discussion template, took the university's leaders to task for actively supporting the self-discovery process. If, according to Köhler, science, research, professional competence and teaching have the highest priority, awareness of the atmosphere at the university is equally important. (Source: ihb 9, 1992, p. 3)


Thoughts and suggestions on corporate identity were to be submitted to the working group by July 13, 1992. The extent to which this was done cannot be determined at present on the basis of the files. In any case, the expectations for the result of the deliberations were very high: "Wenn uns hier ein Konzept gelingt, würde jede Aktivität nach außen nachdrücklich unterstützt und mit der Festigung des inneren Zusammenhangs die Attraktivität des Studienortes erhöht." (Source: Britta Hübner, Klaus Waschke, in: ihb 10, 1992, p. 3)