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ILMOTION fitness room

Individual fitness room use

The ILMOTION fitness room can be used for your individual training. Only students and staff of the TU Ilmenau are allowed to use the gym.
In contrast to the regular classes, the individual use of the gym is not covered by the Unfallkasse Thüringen.

There are two booking options, which differ in the duration of training:


Early Fitness
TrainingMo-Fr7 am - 2 pm
Sa9 am - 6 pm
Costs35€ students60€ staff


Standard Fitness
TrainingMo-Fr7 am - 10:30 pm
Sa9 am - 6 pm
Costs50€ students75€ staff


 Please click here to see the "how to use" - video




You can register for one of the options via the online registration system.

The online registration for the gym use takes place: 15 of October 2019,  Standard Fitness 08:45 am, Early Fitness 10:45 am

For more information on the online registration visit: Registration




Payment of the fitness room fee:

  • Payment can only be made with your loaded Thoska card on the payment days specified below
  • Payment days winter term 2019:
  • 16./17./18 of October 2019

(Foyer campus sports hall)



Activation Thoska card for ILMOTION fitness room use

  • the ILMOTION fitness room and the changing rooms are equipped with special Thoska-locks
  • you can only get access to the rooms by putting your activated Thoska card on the locks
  • activation will be made with payment of the fee/after briefing for first time users/ or shortly after
  • please contact the facility manager, if you face any problems with your Thoska card or the Thoska locks (

Directions for use of the ILMOTION fitness room

Directions for use of the ILMOTION fitness room

  • please note that the user regulation of the campus sports hall applies to all fitness room users
  • use of the fitness room only with your activated Thoska card
  • every user is required to always carry along his/her Thoska card when training and present it to the supervisor on request, if you cannot show your access permission (Thoska card) you will be excluded from training
  • three important things to always bring with you when training: Thoska card, CLEAN sports shoes, towel
  • it is not allowed to take your jacket/backpack etc. into the fitness room, please use the lockers provided
  • to use the lockers, please bring your own padlock (padlock shackle 6 mm minimum diameter)

ILMOTION – first time user briefing

ILMOTION – first time user briefing

  • New to the ILMOTION gym? – first time users of the fitness room have to take part in a short briefing (about 10 mins)
  • the briefing takes place on the payment day for first time users in the foyer of the campus sports hall.
  • The next first time user briefing for the gym will take place:

    Wednesday, 17.10., 2.00-2.30 pm

    Friday, 19.10., 10.00-10.30 am

    Meet in the foyer of the campus sports hall.
  • after the briefing, your Thoska card will be activated for the fitness room use
  • if required, more dates for briefings will be announced here

If you have any problems or further questions, please contact: