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Salsa beginners

Kursnummer: 9111


Dear Salsa students!

Welcome once again to our Salsa class!
As you might know already, Salsa is a dance and a musical style with deep Caribbean and
African roots. It's very popular in almost all Latin America, and in the last decade it has got
widely popular though North America, Europe and Asia!
The salsa rhythm is widely recognised for being catchy, and easy to learn, yet it can be
difficult to master. This class will get you acquainted to the music, will take you from the
basic salsa steps to more advanced footwork, will help you understand leading and
following concepts and will teach you combinations that can be applied to social dancing.
You don’t need to bring your own partner. During the class, we change partners
constantly as this is the etiquette in normal social dancing and will help you to get
used to different following and leading styles. Of course if you want to bring a
partner, you are welcome to do it but bare in mind you won’t stick to the same
person for the whole class.
*The class will be taught in English

What to bring?: If possible, bring dancing shoes, if not, make sure the shoes you
bring don't stick to the floor (that is for both women and men), water to keep you
hydrated, a small towel and a lot of energy!
In case you have any queries or comments please contact
We are looking forward to seeing you in class!!
Ilmenau Salsa Team


Mo 19:00-20:30 Uhr Mensa 3D. Herrera



Studierende: 30 € / Bedienstete: 40 € / Gäste: 50 €


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