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Augmented reality extends the users‘natural environment by virtual content. Primarily, virtual content refers to artificial 3D objects perspectively correct superimposing the individual view of the user. By this they integrate seamlessly into their natural environment, allowing for a unified perception by the user. This requires a correct geometric and photometric registration of these objects within their particular environment.

For estimating the current position and orientation of the user, we research novel feature based computer vision approaches.

Beside the visual extension of the reality its acoustical extension represents another major form of augmentation. Due to noise cancellation this is not limited to the extension by artificial acoustical effects, but further even allows for removing real noise from the current environment.

Realizing interactive AR applications still requires a huge implementation effort. Once realized, the components can hardly be reused, resulting in significant restrictions or an enormous additional effort.

We investigate in innovative mechanisms for a simple and universal description and usage of AR interaction techniques, user interfaces and object behavior by applying markup languages and novel interfaces.