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You are interested in international contacts and different cultures?
You enjoy being together with people from all over the world?
You like to organize interesting events together?
You are a responsible solid and creative person?
You can manage having some time during semester?

Apply as a tutor at support and service network we4you best by

middle of February (for summer semester)
end of June (for winter semester)
or always as you're interested in.

Everything we do we do for you – this is the motto of we4you service network.

Your chances:

Exciting contacts and intercultural experience;
Sharing experiences in the team;
Opportunity to practice your foreign language;
Participation in seminars and trainings;
Acquiring of communicative and intercultural skills;
References as merits in your vitae;
Put contacts and steps to prepare your own exchange studies;
Get credits in studium generale;
Acceptance as Praxiswerkstatt possible (in AMK study course);
Possible topics for media projects (in AMK study course)
Collect points for your "International Certificate"
we4you-office: house A, room 012

Your chance as a new tutor:

Tutor training and tutor journey

As a new tutor (interested party) we invite you to our next events or training to get to know the team.
Apply fast if you are interested.

Tutor training:
get to know the basics, get to know the team
next date:
beginning of March: Workshop for new tutors
March 23/24: Tutor training for whole team

Tutor journey:
in summer again ... 

We will choose a team of tutors, that will support us during semester. We meet once a month for consultation and agreement of important affairs. Every person in our team will undertake special tasks and will escort about 4 to 6 activities in semester.

What is to do in network we4you? 

-      arrival service and welcoming new students
-      performance of orientation days
-      organization, performance and attendance of we4you-events/ cultural nights
-      attendance of excursions
-      marketing, creating flyers, editorial office of websites
-      attendance and documentation (photos) of all activities
-      procuring and organizing language tandem
-      we4you „representative“ as contact person with other student groups, StuRa, ISWI, student clubs etc.

Are you interested in? Please send motivation letter and your favourite field of things you want to do via mail to