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What is the buddy program?

You have the chance to get a buddy if you come new to Ilmenau.

We will bring you in contact with your buddy (helper, friend). He or she already studies in Ilmenau and knows about how the things are going.

Your buddy will take care of you and support your start here.
You will have contact before your arrival and get your questions answered. He or she will organice your arrival and helps you in your first weeks in Ilmenau.  

Of course the buddy programm for international students is free of costs.

How does the buddy program work?

1. Registration: Fill in the form and submit it.  As more information we get as better we can find a buddy for you.

2.  Confirmation: We confirm when we get your application.

3. Get the buddy pairs: We couple the buddy pairs. We try to fulfill your whishes. 

4. Information: You get contact information approx. 4 weeks before semester starts.

5. Get the contact: Your buddy will contact you and helps with information, arrival details and when study starts.

6. Important: You should let only one person organize your arrival. If your buddy organizes the key for your room don't send another one for picking it up. This always brings confusion.

7. Meetings: We organize meetings when semester begins. You can learn to know other students, other buddies and our tutors. You get information about we4you semester programm.

8. Feedback in the end of the semester: We want you to fill in a querry if semester ends. Did the program work? Was it helpful? Now we need your help to make it better.

If there should be any problems, if you don't get contact or it seems your buddy does not have time for you then contact us immediately. We only can help if we know about.