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Support options

Thesis completion grant

Aim: Priority objective of the thesis completion grant is to support international students and PhD-students, who by no fault of their own have fallen on hard times from which they can no longer escape by their own efforts. These students can be supported financially to allow them to concentrate on their studies and to complete them successfully.

Prerequisite for being assisted and supported financially is that the students and PhD-students in question have achieved good results in their studies and that they will graduate within the course of one year.

Funding period: The scholarship can only be granted for a maximum of six months.

Application: has to be sent in writing to Internationaler Studentenservice / we4you-Büro
Please enclose with your application your current overview of grades and the application for thesis.
We recommend getting in touch with international students service and we4you for an assessment of the application's prospect.

The grant is supportet by German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

Assistantships for PhD-students

The assignment of "Teaching Assistantships" and "Research Assistantships" for PhD-students: The jobs of international PhD-students and postdocs in research and teaching are remunerated with max. 300 euro per month, according to the hourly rate for student assistants.
Duration: 3 month

Assistantships are offered once a year. Application has to be done by Professor / supervisor.
Application deadline 2019: April 30, 2019

Assistantships are funded by German Acacemic Exchange Service (DAAD).

Scholarship information TU Ilmenau

The Deutschlandstipendium grants students an incentives of 300 euros monthly, for at least one year and not longer than their standard study period.


Link Deutschlandstipendium:


Further scholarship information:

Emergency aid by TU Ilmenau

The support in case of emergencies is aimed for acute and not self-inflicted situations.

The emergency aid can be paid as one time support. It is not paid as a grant and not a support for a longer period.

Please contact in case the persons responsible in International Office, we4you international network.



The Emergency Fund - DAAD Stiftung

Scholarship program "Integra" for refugees

Integra enables academically qualified refugees at TU Ilmenau to prepare for admission to regular degree programmes. These scholarship funds cover the costs of the pre-subject studies/academic preparation course (APC) of 1,215 euros per semester at the TU Ilmenau.

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