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Welcome to the "Campus-Family"!

Gesundheitsfördernde Weiterbildung
Stabsstelle Campus-Familie

Here in Ilmenau, we have coined the term “Campus-Family” which symbolically represents the vision of a “global family” and university culture. The culture is formed through shared values of trust, sincerity, mutual respect, intercultural tolerance and diversity. The need to focus on the people is now more important than ever before because the people are the university; the people are its experience, power, potential. The people are the bearers of their relationships, forming their resources in ever-changing processes.

 For that reason, the Campus-Family can be seen from many different perspectives. We would like to invite you to be curious, to accompany the university on its way to a family-friendly, health-promoting and intercultural oriented university as well as a healthy organization, and also to contribute actively to the structuring process of its constitution.

Andrea Krieg and Annelie Schultze

Campus-Family Staff