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The Team

Tasks and Goals

The group "Campus Family International" was formed as a means of improving the studying and working conditions for foreign members of the university. The main focus is a stronger integration into the life at the university and also particularly in Ilmenau. The team expects students and staff to be aware of this process, create an open atmosphere as well as a stronger cooperation. The aim is to create an intercultural university culture.


Andrea Krieg Coordinator of Campus Family

Dr. Frank March Director TU Ilmenau International School
Tel.: 03677-69 2525. E-Mail: frank.march(at)

Sophia Siegfried Head of Academic International Office
Tel.: 03677-69 2510. E-Mail: sophia.siegfried(at)

Stephan Fischer Employee at AAA/we4you
Tel.: 03677-69 2763. E-Mail: we4you(at)

Heimbert Fleischer Human Resources Department
Tel.: 03677-69 2541. E-Mail: heimbert.fleischer(at)

Detlef Voigt Head of University Student Housing StuWe
Tel.: 03677–69 1917. E-Mail:

Gudrun Breternitz Employee at ASC
Tel.: 03677-69 2023. E-Mail: gudrun.breternitz(at)